Solaia Capital Advisors

Solaia is a value and operations oriented investment firm that invests in and acquires middle market companies.

We provide capital to fuel growth, product and geographical expansion and add-on acquisitions.  Solaia also develops and provides liquidity strategies to retiring entrepreneurs, and family businesses considering a transition or succession planning.  We work closely with management teams seeking to execute a management-led buyout, corporate divestiture or spin-out, and offer integration management and operational guidance, if required.

Our principles include the development and implementation of tailored operating dashboards to monitor and enhance operating results, while elevating risk management and compliance standards.  Our level of involvement is tailored to meet the specific needs of each portfolio company, which can range from general oversight to assisting management teams with strategic initiatives, M&A and certain operating responsibilities.

We invest across diverse industry sectors and asset classes where value opportunities are identified and a capable management team is in place to execute an operating plan. We have the flexibility to structure investments to meet the objectives of both sellers and management and can respond quickly to the unique transaction parameters of each investment opportunity.




“When the IMF mandated that the Bank of Ireland divest its global Asset Based Lending business, Solaia engineered an innovative solution that resulted in the relaunch of our U.S. operations and kept our team intact. Solaia worked closely with us to develop  a business strategy and provided the capital to support our transition. Today, Siena is one of the most successful ABL lenders in North America.”

David Grende, CEO
Siena Lending Group