Origin of solaia

Solaia (pronounced so- lī- ya), is of Italian origin and means a place where the energy of the sun radiates.

The provenance of the name comes from a hill in Tuscany, ideally-angled to capture the sun’s energy throughout the day.  This land is home to the Tignanello Estate of Marchesi Antinori.  The commitment, passion, innovation and quality of Antinori’s wine producing operations played a major role in the revolution of Super-Tuscan wines.  The Solaia luxury label of Antinori is one of the most prestigious and sought after wines in the world.

For over 600 years, the Antinori family has prospered in the global wine production business.  26 generations of success have rested on innovation, sound business fundamentals, a passion for quality and life-long reputation.  These principles inspired the name of our company and resulted in a long-standing relationship Solaia Capital maintains with the Antinori family.

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